You have started the Visual Affects research survey. Please switch off any music or sound you have playing as this will affect your mood possibly more than the images presented and will therefore skew your response to the graphics. Make sure you are seated in a comfortable position and adjust the brightness of your monitor so that black is black and white is white. The first test image to be shown once you click NEXT will have a black and white border around it to help you adjust your monitor. You will start with three practice images to get a feel for the type of graphics you will be presented with. You will be asked to rate the drawing in terms of emotion expressed using a slider interface. If you think the image is mostly angry (say 80%) but also a little bit sad (say 20%), then please pull up the angry slider to 80 % of its full height and the sad slider to 20% of its full height. Likewise if you think the image is 50% happy and 50% excited, then draw the sliders up accordingly. Don’t think too long about it as your first reaction is typically the most candid response.