Affect Formations

in art and music

Sound Affects

In most previous investigations of music and emotion mostly traditional Western classical music has been used. For this project Adinda van 't Klooster has created electroacoustic soundscapes designed to evoke emotion, focussing mostly on sound timbre rather than melody or rhythm. The eight chosen emotions are happy, sad, angry, tender, calm, excited, annoyed and afraid. These sounds are also used in the Biocombat piece part of the live performances at the Sage Gateshead and Durham University. Tuomas Eerola, professor at Durham University and leader in the field of emotion and music will evaluate the emotional response to these soundscapes.

SCARED, 2:08 mins

EXCITED, 1:58 mins

HAPPY, 0:58 mins

CALM, 1:47 mins

TENDER, 1:52 mins

SAD, 2:35 mins

ANNOYINGSAD, 1:26 mins

ANNOYING, 0:59 mins

ANGER, 2:05 mins

All copyrights reserved by Adinda van 't Klooster, 2015

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