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1st graphical score

November 19th at 7:16pm

Yes, the art making is in progress. As I'm waiting for enough people to have done the survey on this site (14 done... great and thanks! Only 486 to go! Please have a go, it's fun, honestly. Just click the participate button to the right and be guided through) before continuing on the 'In a State' interface, I am developing some graphical scores.

The first one is very large, almost 3 x 2 meters and has already been shared with two musicians/composers. John Snijders who teaches performance at Durham University will do a piano improvisation on it and Shelly Knots, performer and improvisor of live electronic and live-coded music and PhD student at Durham University will explore it with her postgraduate improvisation group and/or do a solo live coded version. The instructions I gave with the score so far are:

"One can read the score from the left to the right or jump from graphical element to graphical element in an order of your choice. (for example from blue lines to thin black lines to increasingly thicker black lines with yellow occasionally in between, etc.) The musicians intuition is an important element in determining the order and choice of instruments/sounds.

I would be grateful if you could record and share one (or some) takes and write down how you came to the result. I am also very interested in hearing your comments on how it is to play to this score so I can take it into consideration when making the next graphical scores."

If anyone else wants to have a go drop me a line and I will email you a larger version of the score.


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